We supply and install commercial Anti Shoplifting systems providing an electronic security solution. Our solution Anti-shoplifting solutions are designed to keep your hard-earned profits in your pocket, not the thief's pocket! The anti-shoplifting solution is Electronic Article Surveillance. We believe that is the most effective form of protection that you can implement to keep your merchandise in the sales process and not slipping unpaid and undetected out the door.

There is no other system likes it - just install the antennas, tag the items you want to protect, and focus on your true customers. The antennas at your doorway(s) will notify you if someone tries to leave the store without paying for the goods.

Virtually anything can be secured with EAS, Clothing – casual wear, business wear, evening wear, accessories; Hardware – hand tools, power tools, tool cases; Sporting Goods – baseball bats, golf clubs, skateboards; Video/Audio – movies, music, games AND the list goes on.

The industry-leading Sensormatic Retail Solutions portfolio offers vital loss prevention and operational improvement technologies and solutions. Backed by more than 1,500 patents, the Sensormatic solutions portfolio is sold through ADT and authorized business partners around the world. From the front of the store through the entire retail supply chain, our products and services help keep losses lower - and profits higher.

Today, over 80 percent of world's top 200 retailers that use EAS rely on Sensormatic solutions, which include EAS, source-tagging, data analytics and in-store, item-level intelligence applications. Sensormatic forward-thinking solutions also include dual EAS-RFID technology that provides item-level security and visibility in an ever changing retail environment.

Sensormatic Retail Solutions is the global leader of Source Tagging with retail stores receiving more than 6 billion products source tagged at the point of manufacture each year for enhanced store-level productivity and loss prevention. Over 32 billion products have been source tagged since the inception of the program.

To help our customers extend the investment they've made in our EAS systems, Sensormatic SmartEAS® end-to-end solutions provide retailers with a number of ways to transform their retail devices into a multi-faceted, real-time intelligence system that will improve loss prevention programs, operations and profitability. Our store business intelligence, Sensormatic Analytics powered by Retail Expert, combines good data with intelligent direction so you can deliver results. You'll find out what you need and where you need to go - and how to prevent future losses.