Automation Barrier System

 Technical is well experienced and continuous to advance itself ensuring that we are able to deploy maintain and support state of the barrier system truly provide client with a reliable and working solution .All of the access automation systems in our product range are designed to provide the best solutions for Access Control. Access automation systems include automatic gates and barriers, swing and sliding gates, bollards and barriers to prevent unwanted access. Access automation systems can be used for the domestic setting or provide full access control for car park systems. Parking systems can be implemented in any situation where allocated parking applies, our car parking systems include barriers and bollards which prevent use of parking spaces unless access provide. These types of parking systems are perfect for residential parking whereby access limited to residents or in places of work where parking is minimal.

CAME.Made in Italy

Over the years, DITEC has established sales branches in various parts of the world, according to requirements and the opportunities offered. Today DITEC can count on production facilities in 4 different countries and mainly sales branches in 10 others, with over 500 employees. DITEC products are sold in 70 different countries with an export share of around 70%.

DITEC.Made in Italy